A chance conversation…

A chance conversation…


The Liverpool Echo recently revealed the story of how the spring was found and why former Liverpool midfielder, Steven Gerrard is proud to be an ambassador for the new company.


Steven Gerrard has revealed why he agreed to become an ambassador for a natural spring which was discovered by chance under a field.

Netherton man Mark Doyle found the spring while surveying land deep in the West Lancashire countryside.

The spring has since been developed into a business called Angel Revive, and former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard is an ambassador for the local company.

Mark, who owns a successful construction business in Liverpool, told the ECHO about the very unusual back story.

He said: “A couple of years ago I bought a plot of land in West Lancashire and was thinking about building a house on the site. A farmer who lived nearby invited me in for a chat, and we had a game of snooker.

“During the game he told me that there was an old well or spring under the field, somewhere on the land.

“He said that hundreds of years ago people used to visit the spring because the water was supposed to have healing properties. He said it dated back to the 17th century.

He said: “I wanted a leading figure from the world of sport to come on board, and could not think of a better name than Steven Gerrard. Although I was a big Liverpool FC fan, I didn’t know him. But I approached him through a pal. Steven said yes.”

Steven, who currently manages Rangers FC , said: “Yes I am happy to be an ambassador for Angel Revive. My family and I drink it and we want others to enjoy it too.

“I had stopped playing when Mark first approached me, but I still train to keep myself in decent shape. Drinking the right water is an important part of that.”

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