An alkaline pH matters


During exercise muscles are required to work at a higher active rate and as this rate is increased they begin to produce latic acid which lowers their pH level. This build up of lactic acid and the lowering of the pH level results in muscle fatique and post-exercise muscle soreness.


Drinking Angel Revive Natural Alkaline Water with it’s natural electrolytes and pH of 8.2 before, during and after exercise can help to neutralise the increase of lactic acid in your muscles helping to avoid post-exercise soreness.


Helping you stay focused


The brain is one of the most important organs in your body, it requires water to create electrical energy for all functions, such as thought and memory processes, when dehydrated, your brain actually shrinks in volume (a ‘dehydration headache’ is caused by this shrinkage), dehydrated symptoms such as headaches and poor concentration can be felt.


Brain cells require more energy than any other cell in the body, Keeping your brain fuelled by regularly hydrating is essential to maintain this process – we believe Angel Revive Natural Akaline Water is an ideal drink for keeping hydrated, it has a natural pH of 8.2. and is rich in natural electrolytes..

The choice is yours


Not only are Angel Revive Natural Alkaline Water’s 500ml sized bottles available in our original black and zingy pink they are now available in our Angel Blue 8.2pH bottles… and don’t forget our 250ml bottles, they’re a great size for kid’s lunch boxes and for carrying.


Remember the amount of fluid your need to stay hydrated is dependent on various factors such as your age, gender, weather and physical activity.