Rediscovery & current progress


The spring had remained unnoticed and buried for over a century, with no reports of it since the 1840’s, until it’s history and benefits were brought to the attention of the current landowner.


On hearing of the spring’s unique history and benefits, the landowner began uncovering the spring – the original timbers from the spring (that was constructed in 1840), have been re-discovered and in providing access to the mineral rich water these have been utilised in the construction of the water chamber so as to protect the water from contaminants.


Whilst clearing the spring and making safe the surrounding area It was discovered that the natural rocks from which the waters emerge, formed the shape of an Angel and from that discovery; the name of our drink “Angel Revive Natural Alkaline Water” was selected


The landowner who has strong spiritual beliefs was astonished that the Angel rock formation was similar to that of his Angel necklace purchased some years ago – this was a sign that he would be the perfect custodian for the Angel rock formation at the heart of the spring.


The current landowner of the spring now wishes to share this water with the general public as Angel Revive Natural Alkaline Water.


The landowner firmly believes that the benefits of Angel Revive Natural Alkaline Water revitalising drink are clear if you choose to believe.

A unique drink

Angel Revive Natural Alkaline Water is unique: with its historical reports and articles about the spring setting out the benefits of the water, combined with the Angel rock formation at the core of the spring– the belief in its benefits are in our view well founded.